Housemate Harmony: Your Guide to Peaceful Living and Bonding in your Joint Living House

Living with housemates is part of the joy of living in a Joint Living house. Some of our houses have up to 8 rooms - that means 6 new people to get to know. And who knows, maybe you will have made 8 lifelong friends, all starting at your Joint Living house.

Although it truly can be good times all around, there are still things you should remember in order to make sure you, as well as your housemates, are happy in your new home. Problems may arise, but knowing how to deal with them in an effective way will result in a better living experience for everyone and an overall better time at Uni.

Here are some of Joint’s top tips for living harmoniously in your fabulous new student accommodation.

1. Setting some ground rules and expectations

Your new housemates may come from all different walks of life. It can be great to get to know different ideas through them, but it may also pose as a challenge as it could be different than what you are used to. This is where discussing some basic ground rules and expectations can really help! Some of the things you can discuss are cleanliness and chores, gurst politics, and noise levels.

Cleanliness & Chores:

Not everyone has the same cleaning habits as you might, and that’s okay! But if leaving dishes in the sink is your pet peeve,  make that known to your housemates. It’s a quick and easy way to make sure you’re all doing things that make the house an enjoyable place for everyone to live just make sure to keep the cleaning responsibilities fair for everyone.

Don’t forget that we also make sure to take care of you and your house - a cleaner comes every 2 weeks to each Joint Living property to help take some of the pressure off you!

Guest Policies

We don’t have strict rules about having guests over at our Joint houses, as long as the guests don’t stay longer than 3 days. We understand that your uni days are a time to socialise and make friends! But run it by your housemates first, especially during crucial times like exams week.

Noise Levels

Respect is the keyword here. Agree on quiet hours so each housemate is able to study and rest when needed - and have a little bit of fun when the time is right! As far as policies from Joint Living, we trust that our tenants are responsible young adults and will be reasonable. Always make sure to follow local noise ordinances.

When you move into your Joint House, you will receive a house manual. You can find more details on this in there. 

2. Conflicts can happen. What can you do to resolve them?
We love to think that all our tenants become friends for life, but sometimes, disagreements may occur - and that’s normal! It’s all about how you handle the situation. We suggest to acknowledge the issue clearly and calmly and lead with open communication. Share your point of view, but also listen to others, and express yourself clearly, without blame. Put yourself in the shoes of your housemate. At the end of the day, being heard and understood is what everyone wants to do.

So, how can you find solutions to issues that benefit everyone? Through compromise and flexibility. Sometimes, taking some time apart works well, which can be done in our Joint Living houses with ease, as they are spacious and often have separate lounging areas.

Lastly, if you need support, our small and knowledgeable team are here to help. Just reach out!

3. Bond with your housemates through fun activities!
What’s a better way than to form lasting friendships with your housemates than by doing and experiencing fun things together? At Joint, we make that easy through monthly socials like welcome events and quiz nights. Our mission is to create an inclusive community for all of our residents. Feel like staying in? Sign up for our free pizza competition on the last Friday of every month! We believe that munching on delicious free pizza is a great way to bond with your housemates. You can enjoy that pizza outside in the garden area of your house, or around the TV on the sofas - all of which is included in your Joing Living house.

Making the Most of Your Joint Living Experience

This is one of the most exciting times of your life, and the right housing and great housemates are crucial to making it just that. We have got the housing part covered with our beautifully decorated and well-maintained houses which are in superb locations and boast all the amenities students may want like high-speed internet and TV. The next part is where you get to shine by being kind and respectful to your Joint Living housemates. And if issues do arise, now you can handle them like a pro.

Are you pleased with your Joint Living house and want to share the love? Refer a friend or relative, and you can get a discount on your rent! Also, don’t forget to renew for the next year to keep the good vibes going! 

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Housemate Harmony: Your Guide to Peaceful Living and Bonding in your Joint Living House,

Housemate Harmony: Your Guide to Peaceful Living and Bonding in your Joint Living House, ,

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