A Student’s Guide to Dreamy Dates in Brighton, Bristol, Bath, Nottingham, Newcastle, and Oxford!

It's Valentines, you and your pals or partner are ready to share some love, but with budgets tight, where to start?

Whether you're looking to go on your first date or have a blast with your friends, we've got the inside scoop on the best places for budget-friendly dates in the coolest cities – Brighton, Bristol, Bath, Nottingham, Newcastle, and Oxford.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get into the best spots for some fun, laughs and love - without splashing the cash!


The Lanes: Stroll hand in hand through the quirky narrow lanes of Brighton, explore vintage shops, and discover hidden gems. You could even head to Snoopers Paradise to discover a quirky memento to remember the day! Plus, don’t forget to grab a photo-date-memoir at Photomatic!

Brighton Pier: Grab some Pier doughnuts and head to the excitement of the arcade and rides. Enjoy fish and chips with a view of the sea, and if you're feeling lucky, challenge each other and try your hand at a few penny machines!

Donatello: Head to the famous Donatellos and enjoy a two course lunch for just £13.50 or three Course Menu for £15.95! A Brighton-favourite family run restaurant, Donatello is the perfect place to eat whether you are with friends or even on a date!


Harbourside Hangout: Take a leisurely walk along Bristol's historic harbourside. With street performers, food stalls, and picturesque views, it's a fantastic spot for a low-cost date.

Stokes Croft: Bristol's street art hub, Stokes Croft, is ideal for an artsy adventure. Explore the vibrant graffiti, sip on affordable coffee, and soak in the bohemian atmosphere.

Brandon Hill: Seek out the tranquility of Brandon Hill, Bristol's oldest park. Pack a picnic, climb Cabot Tower for panoramic views, and enjoy a date that won't break the bank.


Royal Crescent: Wander around the iconic Royal Crescent and marvel at Bath's Georgian architecture. It's a romantic setting that won't cost a penny, and it's perfect for capturing those Instagram-worthy moments.

Bath Skyline Walk: Lace up your walking shoes and embark on the Bath Skyline Walk. Enjoy the stunning views of the city and surrounding countryside without denting your student budget.

Roman Baths (splurge a bit): Are you a history lover? While not the cheapest option, student tickets start at £20 per person. You can experience what it was like to live like a roman and witness the incredible hot baths that they personally used.


Wollaton Park: Channel your inner Robin Hood with a visit to Wollaton Park. Deer, lakeside strolls, and the historic Wollaton Hall make for a delightful, budget-friendly date.

Canal-side Chilling: Explore the Nottingham Canal and find a cozy spot to enjoy a homemade picnic or hop in a boat for a float along the water!

Broadway Cinema: For film buffs on a budget, Broadway Cinema offers discounted tickets for students. Catch a flick and share some popcorn for an easygoing date night.


Quayside Vibes: Newcastle's Quayside is buzzing with energy. Take a romantic stroll along the River Tyne, soak in the views of the bridges, and grab a bite from the market stalls.

Jesmond Dene Park: Escape the urban hustle at Jesmond Dene Park. Pack a picnic, feed the ducks, and enjoy the serenity of this picturesque green oasis.

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art: Dive into the world of contemporary art at the BALTIC. Admission is free, making it an excellent choice for a cultural and cost-effective date.


Botanic Garden: Lose yourselves in the beauty of Oxford Botanic Garden. Entrance is affordable for students, and the diverse plant life creates a peaceful backdrop for a date.

Pitt Rivers Museum: Uncover the treasures of the Pitt Rivers Museum without spending a dime. From shrunken heads to ancient artifacts, it's a quirky and fascinating date spot.

Christ Church Meadow: Enjoy a leisurely stroll through Christ Church Meadow. With its scenic views, it's a serene spot for a low-cost date, and you might even encounter some friendly ducks along the way.

With so many options to choose from, we think you will be all dated-out by the time Cupid arrives!

So, grab your loved ones or round up your mates and get ready for unforgettable, wallet-friendly experiences. Happy dating, budget-style!

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A Student’s Guide to Dreamy Dates in Brighton, Bristol, Bath, Nottingham, Newcastle, and Oxford!,

A Student’s Guide to Dreamy Dates in Brighton, Bristol, Bath, Nottingham, Newcastle, and Oxford!, ,

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