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Your Wellbeing

We work hard to create relaxing, functional, and welcoming homes for our tenants to live in. Somewhere they can feel happy, safe & content in. Every thought has been taken when designing our houses, from the layout of our uniquely designed bedrooms to the Artwork in the house. We use local artists to help create a calm space within all our houses to study, relax or socialise. 

See Creatures:

“ We were excited to work on some of Joint Livings houses here in our home town of Brighton. The brief was quite open which is often trickier to approach, so we started by visiting the spaces and getting a feel for the things already there. We then set about creating a range of stand alone elements that comprised of abstract geometric and foliage inspired shapes and elements to tie them together all within our house style. The next step was putting them together as main murals and coordinate pieces to add around the building, making sure each one flowed and moved in the space it was designed for. The colour palette was inspired by a great vintage book we found on 80s fashion recently. Bright, fun and super positive!” 

Sophie Rae:

“I love to use shapes and colour to transform environments. Creating a mural for the student house was a great opportunity to play with some geometric and abstract forms. I wanted something balanced and contemporary, fun but not too in your face. The aim being to create a space that was totally unique, with lots of character, an inspiring place for the students to live. Ultimately that’s what drives me and my work, a desire to make spaces feel really nice to be in. I think our surroundings affects our mood and wellbeing. A space you’re in almost everyday doesn’t need to be thought provoking, but decorative and stylish. Well considered design shows care has been taken to make a space feel good, to make you feel good. That’s what drives my work and this project was no exception“”

“As advocates of holistic well-being, we are proud of our partnership with Joint Living who we feel understand the value of mindful practices and supporting students beyond simply housing. Their progressive approach and well-being services are an inspiration for more conscious and supportive landlord-tenant relationships for students.”

A gift from us to you. Complimentary Memberships with Sound Asleep Club for all our tenants

Audio meditations & bedtime rituals to help you let go of the day, relax & sleep

Speak up – People are listening

Mental health awareness is the ongoing effort to reduce the stigma around mental illness and mental health conditions by sharing our personal experiences. Often, because of misconceptions about mental health and mental fitness, people often suffer in silence, and their conditions go untreated.

Help is available 24/7